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Book of Angels Vol 6: Moloch

Moloch from Molech/Melech, rooted in the Hebrew letters mllk (מלך): King. A divinity worshipped by idol loving pagans and arguably Sun god of the Ammonites in present day Jordan. An apparently malevolent God of child sacrifice, firstborn children were sacrificed to him to renew the strength of the sun fire. That’s me finished then. As the Bible puts it “Molech the detestable idol of the sons of Ammon [1 kings 11:7]”. Some heavily weighted Christians compare the ancient rites of Moloch to modern time ‘abortion massacres’, innocent life discarded for the gain of the parent. Such practices were also common throughout certain surrounding areas including as far afield as Carthage and parts of North Africa. According to some sources, the Moloch in the Old Testament is not a god, but a specific form of sacrifice.

As an aside to religio-historical arguments, the Australian Thorny Devil’s scientific or latin name is also Moloch horridus; horrible Moloch. But actually they’re really cool and cute when they’re sitting in the palm of your hand.

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