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Book of Angels Vol 5: Balan

The 51st spirit. A great duke of hell commanding over forty legions of soldiers. He shoots fire out his eyes and has three heads: that of a bull, a man, and a ram. He gives perfect answers to all things in all time as well as carrying the teachings of invisibility, cunning and finesse. He was one of the demons blamed in a case of mass demonic possession in Loudun in 1634 when the nuns were overcome by erotomania, screaming out blasphemies and displaying their genitalia (something that passes for a normal Saturday night these days, perhaps not with nuns).
Etymological second or third cousin to Balaam the false diviner and saboteur of the Torah.
Asbeel the God deserter from the book of Enoch (a worthy Apocryphal read).

Book of Angels Vol 4: Orobas

A powerful Great Prince of Hell (or w/out the monotheism, universal oracle of things past present and future), unlike Malphas he doesn’t deceive the conjurer. Horse demon etc ¿

Book of Angels Vol 3: Malphas

A mighty Great President and builder of the underlands, crow demon etc…

Book of Angels vol 2: Azazel

Book of Angels Vol 1: Astaroth

Cosmic klezmania and vomiting sephirah: thus my own earful book of angels mission to begin. Otz chim and whosowhatever Qlippoth soil needeth be rolled amongst for evolution’s sake in the music of the spheres ¿ Vol 1.

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