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Does Buddha live in Budva?

Dubrovnik sunbakersAs I sat on the bus from Tivat to Budva I was wondering about this, if for no other reason than the alliteration between the words. So I guess that’s the hook to start the story with, even if Gautama himself doesn’t show up for the party. Actually it’s true, the Buddha isn’t really the main character in this charade, I just blasphemed his good name to draw another parallel, that of the animal kingdom, animist principles and, in actual fact, the natural beauty that exists down here on the Balkan Adriatic as well as up in the mountains. So apologies if I’ve misled you.

Herzegnovian turtlesSince leaving the Shengen zone I’ve seen more birds, lizards, snakes, fish and even turtles since, well since I was in Indonesia last year. It really has been a sight for sore eyes so to speak, and reminds me that I’m probably still an agnostic animist at heart. Not that I don’t respect any other belief system but I find it difficult to have a singular belief in a single personified godhead. I do like people though, sometimes.

I I I I I, me me me, oh the Buddha would be disgusted

No fatwa’s or ex-communication’s please.

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