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The coming Balkan war?

Jeffrey Kuhner writes of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia’s (ICTY) recent, questionable ruling on Croatia’s Gen. Ante Gotovina during the Balkan war of the 1990’s, labelling the U.N. court as a “politicized vehicle that aspires to render history’s final judgment on the Balkan wars of the 1990s.” As always, it’s a hot potato.
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Well Worn Soles

Pigeon square, SarajevoAnother yokal Australian’s travels.

Well Worn Soles.

Spomeniks and The End of History

Cool article and pictures about WWII Spomeniks (monuments) in former Yugoslavia. Though I didn’t see any depictions of the one in Mostar.

The ASC: Spomenik—Jan Kempenaers and “The End of History” « John Bailey’s Bailiwick.

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