Excerpt Alby

One I could also learn from no doubt.

“Insanity:  doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
~ Albert Einstein

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2 responses to “Excerpt Alby”

  1. xxavierx says :

    I reckon this is true for the most part, as long as a more complicated Will doesn’t come along and change the nature of the scripts production. I’ve seen bull riders never get thrown, but on the thousandth ride, they got tossed. Truth be told, I never actually heard my buddy ‘Feinstein’ say this. This quote was hearsay from some carnie with good intentions.

  2. praccus says :

    Well it may be impossible to know if he say did say such a thing, though you’re likely right, I also just read the earliest article attributing it to him was in 1998. Nevertheless it’s not a bad maxim in my opinion, a generalization to be true.

    Of course if I threw the quote into the context of oneself learning to shoot an arrow at a tree 50 metres away, I’d hope that at some point it would show some different results, as being a fairly useless archer I’d hope to at some point actually hit the bloody thing.

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