Book of Angels Vol 11: Zaebos

Sallos sealZaebos  is one of the many animal-human combinations in Hebrew imitation of the Sumerians, this one being part crocodile, part human. He is said to be a Grand Count of the infernal realms wearing a ducal crown and appearing in the shape of a handsome soldier mounted on a crocodile.

Some misbegotten Australians hell bent on their own ability to chew bricks and be the toughest idiots on the planet apparently struck out one night whilst spitting expletives and stampeding a crazed mob of mosquitos, unknowingly conjuring Zaebos during the making of Crocodile Dundee. The mosquitos, made even more frenetic by the stampeding film crew, were heard to swarm around Paul Hogan’s head, more than one dying in a squishy impaled mess on the crocodile teeth imbedded around his hunting hat. Paul has of course never been the same since, and just so you know, every utterance of the man as a national icon now invokes the power of Zaebos in the old land down under. But don’t freak out, such a cinematic conjuring may not necessarily be a bad thing (and let’s face it, contemporary western films have spun far more troublesome demons onto hard earth), since Zaebos is said to carry with him a sweet and phlegmatic disposition as well as far reaching abilities to bring into being the Love of Women to Men, and of Men to Women. Amen.

I have also been listening to and sending off my aunt through the enigmatic and sublime Malach Ha-Sopher (aide to Duma, angel of the silence of death who with Malach Memune reckoned the span of a person’s life). Open yourself to this one when you have the chance also, it’s track 10 on the album.

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